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The Warping Ableton Warping Master Class


We are proud to work in partnership with Warping Ableton to present the Ableton Live 8 Warping Course. The Warping Master Class course is designed to teach all the skills needed to warp any music in Ableton Live 8. Warping Ableton run an established and trusted Ableton Live warping service. They have joined forces with us to provide comprehensive warping training to DJs and producers worldwide. This huge course can be downloaded instantly, it includes:

"This course teaches different warping technqiues throughout its stages so that you develop a solid warping strategy. After you have mastered your warping strategy you will have the tools to warp full tracks of any genre with confidence in Ableton Live 8."


Stage One: Learn to Warp House, Techno & Trance


Three videos (47mins), the first covers an introduction of warping in Ableton Live 8, then 2 videos of full warp jobs covering 2 different full tracks. 


Stage Two: Learn to Warp Hip Hop, Chill Out & Breakbeat


Three videos (40mins) cover 3 full warp jobs looking at how to warp hip hop, chill out and tracks with non generic drum formations. 


Stage Three: Learn to Warp DnB, IDM & Dubstep


Three videos (30mins) cover 3 full warp jobs looking at how to warp DnB, IDM and Dubstep


Stage Four: Learn to Warp Ambient Music & Live Music


Two videos (28mins) cover 2 full warp jobs looking at how to warp ambient and live music. 


Stage Five: Learn to Warp Acapella tracks


One video (15 mins) covers a full warp job looking at how to warp acapella tracks in Ableton Live.



Price: $59.99
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