How do you find out about new music, I need some direction to get started?

How do you find out about new music, I need some direction to get started?

There is no easy answer to this question. Unless you plan to mix solely commercial music then you are going to have to do your research, that basically entails listening to more new music so its not so bad! If you already know a producer or label that you like the sound of then you already have a head start!

For a beginner DJ who don't know where to start I’d suggest looking around to find a professional DJ you like. This will at least point you in the right direction as far as choosing a genre or two. Luckily with the internet its fairly easy to find a set list from radio mixes so this could also be a good place to start, Radio 1 always publish set lists for the essential mix on its web site here. There are lots of other sources of mixes so don't just tie yourself to the essential mix. Your main aim here is to find a few names of tracks, producers and record labels you like, once your armed with this information your ready to go down to your local record shop to find out more.

Try searching for the labels you like first, as often labels try to stick to the same type of sound. In the past I’ve found that if a label has a few tracks that appeal to me then its back catalogue usually does too, so have a good look around. Don't be afraid to ask the people in music shops for help, you can already tell them the names of some tracks you like so your in a good position to ask if they know of any more that sound like that. People are usually very helpful in record shops! In fact once you have visited a shop a few times and they know your face and what you like you'll probably be confronted with a pile of new releases as soon as you walk through the door. Also consider reading publications about new music, there are lots of magazines and web sites out there designed to expose new artists and tracks.

Ultimately remember there are no rules, mixing can and should be as creative as you want it to be... try playing around with different genres to see what goes together and what doesn't. Email me a line if you have any further questions about this.

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