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Downloadable Combined DJ Course


This DJ course combines all the topics covered in the Mixing and Scratching courses (including ALL videos from both DJ courses). All of this information is bundled together with extra topics including, music selection, set building, integrating instruments and effects into your audio stream, etc. Available for instant download this course comes with a 10,000 word illustrated PDF DJ Manual, and 48 minutes of video. Topics include:


Basic Areas: ALL the functions of a DJ mixer, four different ways to setup your equipment, How to managing your audio flow and maximise creative potential, understanding time codes and musical structure, basic principles of mixing, beat matching, working with breakbeats, lining up without beats, EQing and EQ tricks, creative tips for mixing.


Recording & Promoting: setting up to record mixes, the basic principles of recording, how to avoid distortion, recording on computers, Using WAV editor software suites, compressing recordings to share, how to promote yourself and begin a career, advice on booking agents, how to set up and promote your own event.


Advanced Areas: music selection, set development, curve control, customising your turntables for scratching, advice on scratch needles and weight settings, scratch techniques (including videos on, Baby Scratch, Cutting, Military Scratch, Scribble, Transform, Twiddle, Lasers, Chirp scratch and advanced cutting), Midi integration, Digital instrument integration, Cross fader effects, Integrating effects units (including diagrams for various setups with advantages), information on what effects are being used now.


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Price: $19.99
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Sample DJ Mixing Lesson

Sample DJ Scratching Lesson