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Free DJ LessonsAs an over confident 15 year old I went to the shops to buy my first set of turntables without even considering the fact that I didn't have any idea of how to DJ! I didn't even know anybody with the DJ skills to teach me. To make it even worse I had already boasted to my friends that I was going to be the next big thing... as you can imagine it took me a long time to learn to DJ. This web site offers information on essential DJ skills available through downloadable multimedia DJ courses. I honestly believe everyone can learn to DJ or develop their skills using our courses, all you have to do is accept it will take time. Take comfort in the fact that unlike me you have a head start, so begin a satisfying learning experience today!


Below are some free DJ lessons, these are all included in my DJ courses and provide a taste of the kind of information included throughout the courses:


Are you a potential new DJ? There is whole section of this web site devoted to answering questions that you may have here, this includes a DJ glossary.

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