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Carl Taylor


Carl Taylor has successfully released his own EP's as well as remix's for Laurent Garnier, The Black Dog & Chris Cowie. His tracks have been played by professional DJ's worldwide and have been included in compilations such as Felix Da Housecat's Bugged Out Mix. So it seemed only fitting to have a chat with Carl and find out a little more on how the music industry works for a techno & electro producer. For more information on Carl visit .


How long have you been into music production? About 12 years now... I started with a MC-303 and an Alpha Juno, I had no mixer at the time so recorded straight to my ghetto blaster. Fun times for sure (tunes sounded shit though!).


Who influences you? From a making music point of view, well I’m not sureCarl Taylors "Simplex EP." really… in a way I’m influenced by all music but I guess the music I make doesn’t sound like Drum & Bass & It doesn’t sound like Hip-Hop or Jazz or whatever else I listen to... but I think everything I take in has an influence on me. I might like a certain sound in a D&B track or how a certain drum swing sounds in a Hip-Hip track. Then I will take all the things I hear and somehow integrate them into my music, it might not always be an obvious influence but it's there. Every musician is influenced by other musicians, it’s like a big circle.


How many records have you released and do you try and release everything you produce? Including remix’s I think it’s about 12 now. No I definitely don’t release everything I make, I don’t think there are many people that do. Personally I think it’s good to pick from the best you’ve made, rather than flooding the market.


Do you stick to the same styles of production and genres? To be honest I don’t know the ‘right’ answer to that one... I mean I’d consider most of the things I make as techno or electro, but there are so many shades of techno and I definitely don’t stick to the one flavour, I wouldn’t say I was a ‘one tune merchant’ like some people can be.


Carl Taylor's "Bang the Box."What’s the best way to approach record companies? Record companies? I wouldn’t know about them! Never had to deal with one so far, but most don’t accept demos through the post anyway. If your talking about indie labels, then just send them some music!


Are there rules you stick to when putting together demos? Well I wouldn’t say they where rules as such but the most obvious ones would be, put your best tune first & I wouldn’t send more than 3 tracks. If they want to hear more they will let you know.


Do I need to promote my music myself, if so how? I’d say so, even if you are with one of the bigger Indies self promotion through things like myspace & doing gigs can only be a good thing. If you are with a really small label or running your own label then self promotion is everything I think.


Should I be thinking about promoting to radio, tv and film too? Radio 100% both net & national radio are great ways of promoting your music…


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