DJ Course Testimonials

DJ Tutorial Testimonials

Every now and again I hear from people who have downloaded a DJ course, below are a few of the messages I've received about these courses so far. Please contact me with your thoughts about the courses, all feedback, positive or negative is good as it helps me to understand your perspective of these DJ courses! Thank you again for all your support, this site will continue to grow from strength to strength with your help.


I've enjoyed the videos so far....I teach music tech (and especially Ableton) all over the south of England and there seems to be little in the way of online tutorials for Ableton.I was interested to see how you've approached it.Anyway keep up the good work. - Alex Hehir


I’ve already downloaded the course materials, and I must say that I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I’ve been looking around for an educational resource (like the one from your website) on DJ basics, etc.; but until now, the best I could get were the few words of wisdom from a dj in Aspen, Colorado who told me, “…honestly, man, it’s just like skiing…….” Needless to say, I think I’m going to get a lot out of the full dj course. Thanks again. - Jonathan Pliego


So far the tutorials were well worth the money & can always go back n look at em later. Thanks again. - John Corbin


Fantastic tutorial, very, very informative. loved the video, especially the "scratching techniques" portions. That has always been a bit of a mystery to me, but the way you broke it down was absolutely brilliant. You've got a "Hit" on you hands, keep shouting it it out, there's a lot of young talent out there that would benefit greatly from it.  - Arnold


These tutorials here are Ace, i'll be looking into more of these sooner rather than later. - Shaun O'Connor


I thought the parts that I have read/watched were very well presented and easy to understand. You use what I think are good techniques to explain beat matching and mixing. Also, the accompanying videos illustrate your points very well... I'll be looking into your Ableton course too. - Colin Atkinson


I've just downloaded your DJ course and I have to congratulate you on creating something that is both useful and extremely affordable. I am getting into DJing relatively late in life (yes I'm 46 years young!) But it is something I really want to have a go at...........I'll let you know how I get on!! - Roz Peters


Congratulations for your tutorials, I bought the mix and ableton courses and I like it very much. - Rogério Antonucci


I've just had a good look at your vids and i'm very impressed and glad you took the time to put it all together. Many beginners would do well to start by checking your vids out. - Des Pickering


I was very impressed with the Ableton Live DJ Course. I found the videos well presented, concise and to the point. The pdf was also well written and laid out in a way that makes for easy on the eye reading. I am not a DJ and may never be - my main aim with ableton is to produce remixes and eventually my own compositions - that said I still learned a lot about ableton that I found useful and especially the last part which was more concerned with production. In short I am a happy bunny and consider my money was very well spent indeed! :) - Phil Williams

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